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Underground Live TV  led into:  b-light.tv  !!!





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...the missing data/bands/broadcast dates from 2002 - end (2006/2007)

we will add from time to time when we remember / recover



Underground Live TV Show

Underground Live TV ...original started as ....and for that time

largest & most popular local music TV show

in germany since 1992....every week one hour ! 

Later not so local anymore ...in many german cities / areas ...and at the end...

...europewide TV broadcast ...and today led to

b-light.tv / b-light-pictures worldwide productions for different aims ...

...with bands different styles...many rock stuff ... almost every rock band already joined
from Slayer to BB King...from Metallica to Yes...from Deep Purple to Rage against the machine
to name only a few out of over 2.000 different bands already filmed by
                        Underground Live TV in more than 15 years !

...live concert specials professional filmed
and interviews and other specials.

(in the very last period of Underground Live TV from 2005/2006 to the end 2007:

already recorded in multicam HIGH DEFINITION & with MULTITRACK sound ...

...at the beginning: one camera shots...later: 3 or more camera shots)


undergroundlivetv nowadays b-light.tv




old Underground Live TV live songs coming from time to time on


the YouTube channel:    //youtube.com/oldUndergroundLiveTV



underground live TV


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