(   blackinthelight  /  lightintheblack  production  ) 


 live music concert video / film production





We do professional concert video and audio recordings &

additional interview / rehearsal / documentation and other sideroll shootings

and we do editings / post productions for DVD/BluRay/TV/Cinema Screening & more


...in multicam (from/around 2016 in 4k/ultra high definition ... before in FullHD)

and with multitrack sound recording (48 channels or more ...

to do a professional 2.0 or more sound mix)

We do/did productions in all european countries ...mostly in Germany & around ...

...but we did already productions in the USA and many other countries...

...we do regulary big festival productions and

big arena productions with 20 or more cameras plus cranes / dollys & more...

but also middle sized or even good small sized productions / club gig shootings.

We do outstanding post productions but edit FOR the music ...


We have a large crew & additional camera operators located in many countries

to be flexible to do big productions far away from our home base without large costs.

We co-operate with many other great companys/partners to realize everything in short time...

...to have connections around the whole world even to down under...


We already filmed more than 3.000 bands ! ...from Metallica to BB King ...or whoever ...

look at productions  for recent HD productions & 

underground-live-tv / alphabetical list / chronological list

... for older SD TV productions ... when we stared to do filming just for fun with 1-3 cameras

(it was in these old "Underground Live TV" days - since 1992 - NOT so professional ...

but we are not ashmed of those old recordings as it all started for about the love in

rock music ... and still it is !!!)


We still do smaller club gig productions for not so well known - but good - bands

as we want to support music in general ´cause when you only support/do the well known

bigger bands you kill your own business / the music genre in general.


Support music - support rock music - support good artists -good music - not only rock

by going to their concerts and yes by buying their CD´s, DVD´s, Blu Ray`s or

whatever future format

(to get you a better sound / pic than you get on You Tube or whatever) !!!


b light picturesDVD / Blu Ray  or/and  TV / IP-TV concert productions

...and of course also interview and other additional footage productions...

...and ...we already worked on / did live broadcast productions ...

so nothing is impossible.



BB ( CEO, producer, director, editor and camera operator )


contact (at) b-light (dot) tv















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